Wall and Render Clean


Over time everything deteriorates. Brick, Cladding, Render, Pebbledash & other painted surfaces eventually lose their once pristine finish.
Atmospheric pollution, heavy grime & algae will tarnish or stain external walls
& surfaces. Coloured rendered finishes such as K-Rend can become tarnished
by black, grey, green or reddish unsightly staining which can appear as drip,
dirty or a smoky pattern.


We are trained & experienced in cleaning all types of exterior wall
surfaces. We are high reach specialists using specific methods &
equipment to safely access & clean all high or awkward areas.
Using a range of gentle, non-abrasive,
techniques & treatments we're able remove all unsightly staining. Our unique approach can deliver truly transformative results provide a stunning 'as new' finish which will endure for years.

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